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responds to Covid 19

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic intensifies, OGS Pay has taken all precautions and has active medical advice from senior physicians in the city.  

OGSPay leadership team, as well as management are closely monitoring the global, national and local situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations. 

We have taken rapid, highly-informed decisions, and taken immediate actions to protect and support customers and ensured that critical business operations continue in order with no disruption to critical and support routines.

Actions Snapshot

-Migration to Newer collaboration platforms 
-Enablement of Remote work/work from home
-Digitally equip mobile workforce
-Temporary restrictions on visitors or face-to-face meetings
-Restriction on all travel
-Provided employees detailed handbook with guidelines from WHO, MFHA, CDC 
-Setup an Incident response desk to help coordinate per local Government guidelines

OGSPay Services

SwitchOn Product Suite

Issuing Switch

SwitchOn issuing switch enables banks and processors to issue debit and prepaid cards with multi-tenancy and multitude of programs. The issuance platform is EMV compliant. 


Enables ATM driving and can seamlessly integrate with all ATM protocols worldwide including versions such as NDC, NDC+, DBD, etc. Includes monitoring, support and feature rich options as well.


Can enable all versions, protocols of PoS including MPoS and other devices, independent of message structures. We enable devices and new innovations to seamlessly integrate with financial networks and ecosystem. 

Merchant Management

The ERP application, is complete, matured, provides end to end business flow from merchant on-boarding to reconciliation and settlement. Multi-tenancy with feet on street, rules engines, switch, FRM, network integrations enabling merchant acquirers.


Powers internet, e-commerce based transactions, supporting banks and online aggregators to process transactions securely. 

Full Stack

Help new devices, channels and operators sandbox their transactions and test for switching and network certification. Simulators help innovations get market ready faster. 


Real time fraud management with updated features covering all components of processing and providing data decisioning points, highly reliable and fortified in addressing vulnerability and fraud prevention.


Platform supports fully flexible and custom builds; supporting multiple channels and multi-currencies.

Why partner with us?

Trusted name in Payments

Presence across 4 Continents; trusted partner

Performance Acceleration 

Acceleration beyond traditional models

Customer Experience

Platform enabled customer experience & loyalty

OGSPay Solutions

Innovative, fresh thinking, concept to delivery


Addresses complete requirement of banks, white and brown-labelled ATM players. This includes ATM switching, monitoring, cash management & project management in making business viable and scalable.


Providing unique business oriented PoS solutions on the cloud that includes end to end from device to switching & settlement services. Our plug and play services for program managers and banks with A-la-carte option is most flexible and sought-after in the market.


From our issuance stack based on customers' requirement and growth strategy, we can envision, co-create, custom-fit gift and loyalty programs.


Powers internet, e-commerce based transactions, supporting banks and online aggregators to process transactions securely.


For many industry verticals such as telco, retail, payment banks, financial inclusion, e-commerce players etc, OGS on turnkey basis can provide leveraged processing blueprint/strategy towards giving them competitive advantage and additional diversified revenue stream.


With our flexible & robust switching platform, we provide turnkey based processing capability & delivery on license, & flexi-pay options across geographies for processors / aspirants. We strengthen existing businesses with a significant value add & influence towards growth & customer loyalty by becoming a empowered processor. 


OGS is fully integrated and compliant with Aadhar, AEPS and UPI based offerings for clients to leverage the India-centric opportunities.


With our full-fledged issuing and compliant capability, we can roll out debit and prepaid issuance of EMV/non-EMV cards, delivered on plastic or virtual, etc covering small to large banks & program managers. We also support instant issuance. 


Global Clientele. 

About OGSPay

OGS Paylab is a company started by a world class team of payment experts and engineers with global industry experience.

We are a bunch of fresh thinking “Program Architects”.

We have designed a next gen Switch Platform (Electronic Fund Transfer switch)‘SwitchOn’that , modular and scalable payment platform that is fully compliant , which we use innovatively, to architect payment solutions for Banks, Processors, Networks, Device/channel makers and all businesses with a retail interface to enable faster , cheaper and secured payments.

OGS currently operates in geographies such as India, USA, Europe,Middle East & Africa and Asia. We now provide hosted Payment processing services on a compliant, PADSS/PCIDSS certified environment

Our advantage of quicker turnaround, near plug n play integration, and collaborative platform means quicker go to market and faster ROI for customers.

OGS owns its IPR and therefore can custom fit solutions for specific needs of every customer, program without the typical legacy “CAPEX and maintenance “hassles.

Apart from its core offering as an Independent Switch Platform Vendor (ISV), OGS also has broad based offerings that address Banks and Processors’ pain points such as expensive maintenance and rigid legacy issues, lack of flexibility and performance issues.

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